The Netball Department is an integral part of the Portarlington Football Netball Club and is encouraged by a large supporter base. The netball department joins with the football department to form an exciting and fun community. We welcome any new netball players and their families to the club.

Portarlington Netball Division has worked tirelessly in retaining our core group of netballers and recruiting in key areas across the space. With over 20 new or returning faces into the playing group there is such a buzz around netball within the community. With such an exciting year ahead, playing finals will be a focus, along with the continual development of juniors, promoting them into the senior spaces. We will bring another level of physicality to netball in 2024 and an understanding of composure in crucial times. Building experience throughout our collective playing group in order to expand and develop continuously for seasons to come.


New subcommittee members are always welcomed. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us. Being a subcommittee member can be fun and very rewarding – and we are always interested in new ideas and initiatives.

Netball DirectorEmily Hoare
A Grade CoachJarryd Anton

Hi I’m Jarryd and I am the current Head Coach at Portarlington Football Netball Club where I coach A and B grade.

I began playing netball in primary school at age 10 where I fell in love with the game. This lead me to coaching once I turned 13 and was unable to play any further.
In 2007 I commenced my coaching career:
2007- Coached 15 and Unders at Branxholme Wallacedale
2009- B grade Coach at Branxholme Football Club
2010- A and A reserve Coach at Coleraine Football Netball Club
2012- under 15 (premiers undefeated) and under 17 Coach (premiers undefeated) at Coleraine Football Netball Club
2013 – A, A reserve and under 17 Coach (premiers undefeated) 15 and Under Coach (premiers) at Coleraine Football Netball Club
2014- A grade and A reserve (premiers) Coleraine Football Netball Club, 17 and under League Representative coach
2017 – Division 3 (premiers) Hamilton Kangaroos Football Netball Club and Hampden League Open Representative Assistant Coach
2018- Division 3 (premiers) 15 and Under (premiers) Hamilton Kangaroos Football Netball Club
2020- 15 and Unders (premiers)Penshurst Football Netball Club
2021- COVID. 18 and Under Coach (premiers) A grade (awarded equal point premiers) Penshurst Football Netball Club
2023- A grade Coach Portarlington Football Netball Club
2024 – Current A and B grade Coach Portarlington Football Netball Club
B Grade CoachesJarryd Anton and Marney Mcrandall (Assistant Coach)

2024 is looking super exciting for this club. With all grades looking to be quite competitive, it will make for a great 150th year for us.

About me (Marney) – I’m a netball fanatic, I’m a mental health and disability support worker, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats, love crime, going for bush walks and fitness.
C Grade CoachMorgan VanLeerdam

The 2024 season is an exciting time for C grade. This group has come from various spaces and already they have come together with excitement and confidence that’s sparked so much for these girls. 

My previous netball coaching experience has always allowed me to focus my strengths on building a group that has confidence in their teammates and can back one another. Giving players the tools and opportunities to explore and build their game through positive encouragement allows them to thrive. 

Starting from the base level and focusing on a player’s agility, speed, and strengths on the court as a coach, I can then build upon this through games and training sessions to work on the player’s strength and conditioning, and injury prevention to allow them to be the very best netballers they can be. Now we have begun to establish some great success by reinforcing our structures and giving players these to build upon. Structure in gameplay is something that players can incorporate into their game and they can easily communicate with their teammates. 

Communication is a huge part of our team’s success and allows the girls to have a voice and communicate with one another on the court. They provide such amazing positivity to one another and can quickly address what worked on the court or if they need to change something how they can work together on that. The voice and confidence that each of these players brings is just a credit to how important their previous playing experiences have been and how coming together in this new space will be an exciting time for the 2024 season. 

About Me: I came across to Portarlington in 2019 and have been playing here ever since. I have been involved in coaching and umpiring at the club in various capacities. To see this club progress each year and have small wins after each season is amazing but this season sure is to be an exciting one.
D Grade CoachJamison Camilleri and Sydney Reid

D grade 2024 has a great mix of versatile players who are determined to be a successful team. D grade is working hard to learn how to play as a team, trust each other and to become closer, and stronger both on and off the court. With a big emphasis on communication, collaboration, and collective goals this group of ladies are looking at a season of great teamwork, growth and hopefully success. 
E Grade CoachKristi Reynolds
Under 19s CoachMegan Hillier

2024 we will be working with the girls building on their last two years of success, winning the premiership in 2022 and making the grand final in 2023. We will be working together as a team to continue to build on our positive, supportive and competitive environment in the 19s. With well structured trainings, and providing netball opportunities for all the players. We will be guiding the players on strength and conditioning, injury prevention and how to become an athlete preparing the girls for their next set into seniors. With many of our 19s players being apart of our senior teams they are able to bring their experience and knowledge to our 19s space. Along with the support of our senior players who will be assisting throughout the year. While also introducing the girls on leadership opportunities and how to be apart of the port community both in the club and out.

About me: I have been apart of port for the last 10 years, with my four girls being apart of the club as well. With high levels of success.
I have been playing and coaching at a high level for the past 25 years, I am also an umpire and enjoy being around cheering on all our teams. My passion is helping the players understand their worth as a player, know there limits and how to get past it but more than anything understand their value as a player and person.


Volunteers are an essential component to the successful operation of our club.

Volunteering is a fun and rewarding activity – and a great way to become involved with a community. Regardless of skill or ability, there is always an opportunity to become involved – and you don’t need to be a player.

If you would like to help out with the Portarlington Netball Department of the Club, please contact us at


One of the most important elements of the game is the umpiring and we would like to acknowledge our ever-present, conscientious, and reliable umpires.

If you are interested in becoming an umpire, please contact the club at