Life Members

Denise AlaalatoaPatricia DowseJack Manson (dec) Dianne Snell
Kevin Allen (dec)Norm EvansAnne MathiesonFrank Stephens (dec)
Harry Ashton (dec) Bill Evans (dec) Josh Maul (dec) Joanne Stephens
Kevin AshtonJim Evans (dec) Steve MaulPhil Stephens
Pat Ashton (dec) Greg FoottGeoff McGarryClive Trewin (dec)
Peter AshtonAnne Foster (dec) David McNamaraNoel Trewin (dec)
Geoff BaileyHarold Frazer (dec) Alan MilesWayne Trewin
Gary BaileyDick Gillivour (dec) Leanne MilesRichard Underwood
Alan Bailey (dec) Gary HaighJim Nash (dec) Greg Vagg
Marion Bailey (dec) Andrew HampsonKeith Peacock (dec) Kelvin Vagg (dec)
Jason BajadaLeanne HampsonMelva Peacock (dec) Basil Vassiliou
Steven BateBelinda HarveyBob PearsonLeigh Vassiliou
Tom Bowen (dec) Jim Hibbert (dec)Kate PickeringBarry Ward
Graeme BradleySteven HicksPaul Price (dec) Ossie Ward (dec)
Robyn BullVal Ibbotson (dec) Joanne Renfrey (dec) Chris Welsh
Shane Cahill (dec) Maureen JewellJudith Renfrey (dec) Don Whelan (dec)
Brian Carlos (dec) Brendan KingStewart Renfrey (dec) Katie Williamson
Christine CarlsonDarren KingGeoff RhodesEdna Wright (dec)
William Coatesworth (dec) Elayne KingKellie RickettsGeorge Wright (dec)
Don Cuttriss (dec) Ray KingMick SalisburyRon Evans (dec)
Mark DavisAdam KissJohn SandilandsGary Sevior
Graeme DavisOrpheus Mannix (dec) Sheridan SharpeFiona Underwood
Paul DonaldPaul Mannix (dec) Rod SmithJames Harvey

Portarlington Football Netball Club 

Foundation Life Members of Netball Section of the Club

Pat, Ashton (dec)

Pat, McGarry

Roma McKenzie (dec)

Jean, Renfrey (dec)

Edna, Wright  (dec)

Criteria for Life Membership 

Life membership of the Portarlington Football Netball Club is presented at the Club’s Annual Presentation Dinner in September.  Life membership is an honour bestowed to members who have rendered special or valuable services to the Club well beyond that of a typical member.

Life membership will only be awarded to a person in respect of whom a resolution conferring life membership has been passed at a meeting of the Committee of Management in accordance with Rule 4(c) of the Rules of Incorporation.  A life member so elected becomes entitled without payment of any subscriptions or other monies to all privileges of a financial member of the Portarlington Football Netball Club. 

It is not necessary for life memberships to be awarded every year.



The nominee must be a current or past member of the Portarlington Football Netball Club who has given exceptional and outstanding service to the Club.


Nominations are to be made on this form, giving the details of the person nominated and detailed reasons for the nomination. 

Nominations must be made and seconded by current Portarlington Football Netball Club members. 

Nominations must be submitted to the Secretary by the 15th August of each year


The following criteria should be addressed when nominating a candidate. It is helpful to include examples of how the nominee has gone above and beyond what could reasonably be expected of a member and why their contribution is worthy of recognition through life membership of the Club.

The key elements to be taken into account in awarding Life Membership are:

  • an ongoing commitment to the Portarlington Football Netball Club over many years.
  • commitment to the principals of good sportsmanship.
  • commitment which does not seek personal reward.
  • valued leadership and good role modelling that reflects credit upon the Club.
  • contributions to the Portarlington Football Netball Club which have enhanced its standing within its membership and the wider community.
  • a high level of recognition from the Portarlington Football Netball Club membership of the nominee’s work for the Club over many years. 


In accordance with the Constitution and Rules the current officers of the Portarlington Football Netball Club from time to time shall constitute a Life Membership Committee. This Committee shall meet in August of each year to consider nominees for Life Membership in accordance with the above criteria.

Any recommendations from that Committee are to be made to the Committee of Management of the Portarlington Football Netball Club for consideration. Approved Life Memberships shall be awarded at the annual Presentation Night Dinner.

PART 3 of the Constitution – Membership

Division 1

(b) Life Members

  1. Any General Member who has rendered exceptional and distinguished service to the Club, may be nominated for life membership by any General Member, such nomination to be considered by a panel of not less than three existing Life Members.
  2. The panel will be appointed by the Committee to review and evaluate the nomination. The panel’s review must be completed within one month of nomination, and the recommendation must be documented in writing to the Secretary.
  3. If the nomination is approved by the panel, such nomination will be voted on and ratified at the next Committee meeting. The Secretary will notify the nominated person of the Club’s intention to present them with Life Membership.
  4. Presentation of Life Membership will be made at the next Club presentation night. However, all rights of Life Membership will exist immediately upon approval of the nomination.
  5. A football or netball player who has played a total of 200 senior grade games may be nominated for Life Membership by the Committee. Such player nominees must have been a registered member of the Club for the entirety of their playing years with the Club.
  6. Nominations for such life membership will be reviewed on the achievement of the 200-game milestone and must be approved by the Committee; taking into consideration the players conduct and commitment during their playing career.
  7. All Life Members are entitled to all the rights and privileges of the Club indefinitely, unless otherwise determined by the Club that such membership is no longer applicable.
  8. All Life Members shall not be required to pay any annual subscription except where the Life Member is still playing football or netball in which case playing fees must be paid. 

Criteria for Honorary Membership 

(d) Honorary Members

  1. Any person aged not less than eighteen years who in the opinion of the Committee has achieved special public distinction by virtue of public office or otherwise or has rendered exceptional service to the Club may be elected an Honorary Member of the Club on a resolution passed by the Committee.
  2. Any member, player, umpire or official of any club which is competing in any competition on the Club premises is deemed to be Honorary Members of the Club for the day or days on which such competition is held.
  3. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay any subscription or financial contribution to the Club other than for goods or services supplied.