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Most Club Football Senior Games

(1st & 2nd XVIII)

PlayerYears PlayedTotal Games
George Wright1946 to 1969384 (est.)
  Brendan King1990 to 2013305
Shane Cahill1970 to 1990301
Andrew Hampson1970 to 1988264
Leigh Vassilou1991 to 2009262
Kevin Ashton1970 to 1988260
Peter Ashton1968 to 1983248
Geoff Rhodes1974 to 1993?236
Greg Vagg1979 to 1994?233
Darren King1988 to 2008?229

Please note: This data is still under investigation for verification and additional names.

Most Club Netball Senior Games

(A, B, C, D, or E Grades)

PlayerYears PlayedTotal Games

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