Portarlington Football Netball Club

On the 1 st of August 2024 the Club will be 150 Years Old

The Club’s major objectives are to ensure to involve its local communities to provide excellent football and netball sporting platforms in a family friendly environment, providing enjoyment. For almost the entire life of the football part of the Club of nearly 150 years the communities from St Leonards, Indented Head and Portarlington have contributed to its existence through player participation, membership, sponsorship and community support.

Historically in the 1830s and ’40s settlers were establishing a presence on the Bellarine and the small township forming near Indented Head was named Portarlington in 1851.  Census data reveals that Portarlington’s population was only around 150 people in the 1850s, but town-planning was well underway and with blocks sold off and local businesses emerging future growth was assured. St Leonards was also established in the 1850’s and had a smaller population.

President's Message

“Aussie rules and Netball are wonderfully unique Australian sports. As a tribute to this, it is the intention for PFNC culture, history and tradition to be maintained well into the future. We will celebrate 2024 season as a milestone event and place significant emphasis on our 150 years of existence. Across 150 years many of our community members have had a significant impact on the club’s survivability. This achievement is testament to the strength & commitment of our people.

As we celebrate our 150 year anniversary we must equally remain focused on the future. PFNC must become competitive and meaningful across all grades of netball and football. We are striving to continue to develop our junior groups and advance our junior programs together with providing lifestyle values, social skills & outlets to our members. These are important requirements of our strategic plan which involves one of our goals… achieving the criteria of AFLB Premier League status within the next 10 years.

As a valued member, or if you’re about to become a new member, I thank you for your support and commitment to our great club.”

Steve Cogger – President


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Past Players Day

Join us on round 1 vs Newcomb to celebrate the Past Players of our club! We will also have a fundraiser going on the day so look out for where to donate.

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Getting Ready For Round 1

2024 Portarlington Football Club Season… Are you ready for round 1? Follow the below pre-match checklist to ensure the you are in the best position for our first game!

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Demons Day this Sunday 18th February 2024

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The drought is over!

Round 1 Win Our football seniors have won their first game since 2018 against Newcomb. Our reserves also walked away with a win, making it the first round since 2017 where we have had our seniors and reserves sing the club song on the same day. First round was an incredible season opener. Being it […]

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PFNC Rebrand Story

We are the Portarlington Demons! In 2023 our constitution advisors recommended that a change to the Club’s name and logo was timely and appropriate to present the club in a much more professional manner. After consultation with our members, a motion to change the name of our legal entity name from Portarlington Demons Football Netball […]

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150 years of PFNC

150 years of Portarlington Football Netball Club Every heart beats true for the read and the blue… On the 1st of August 2024, our great club will be 150 years old. Time to take a trip through history and look at the milestones that got us where we are today.  In the 1830’s and 40’s settlers began establishing a presence […]

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